A - Managing self and personal skills

These units are about making sure that as a manager you have the personal resources required to undertake your work.

Unit A Summary







UNIT A1 - Manage your own resources

This unit is mainly about making sure you have the personal resources
(particularly knowledge, understanding, skills and time) to undertake your work role and reviewing your performance against agreed objectives. It also covers identifying and undertaking activities to develop your knowledge, skills and understanding where gaps have been identified.


UNIT A2 - Manage your own resources and professional development 

This unit is about managing your personal resources (particularly knowledge, understanding, skills, experience and time) and your professional development in order to achieve your work objectives and your career and personal goals.  
You need to understand your work role and how it fits into the overall vision and objectives of the organisation whilst also understanding what is driving you in terms of your values and your career and wider personal aspirations. 
Identifying and addressing gaps in your skills and knowledge and understanding is an essential aspect of this unit.


UNIT A3 - Develop your personal networks

This unit is about developing your personal networks to support both your current and future work.  
Your personal networks may include people in your own organisation, people you meet from other organisations and people you are in contact with over the phone or the Internet.  
Developing personal networks is based on the principles of reciprocity (exchanging things with others for mutual benefit) and confidentiality. People only want to network if there are mutual benefits from exchanging information and other resources. There must also be clearly agreed boundaries of confidentiality – certain information and resources may not be exchanged because they are confidential.