Full list of the 2008 National Occupational Standards

National Occupational Standards for Management and Leadership

The complete set of National Occupational Standards for Management and Leadership are listed below. You can download individual units by clicking on the unit title, or whole chapters by clicking on the chapter titles.

The standards are proven benchmarks of best practice and have been developed based on extensive consultation with genuine managers doing real management jobs. They offer a practical resource to aid decisions in everything from day-to-day matters like recruitment and selection to long-term issues such as the recognition and development of future leaders.

This revised set of standards, released in November 2008, builds on the 2004 suite with the addition of new units covering fresh areas such as knowledge management, environmental management and quality assurance. The standards are both clear and accessible while still providing enough detail to be robust and measureable.

NB: Following Agreement with Awarding Organisations, SVQs and NVQs are still based on the 2004 standards, not the 2008 standards.

Hard copies of the standards may be purchased for £25 each, with toolkits containing the standards on CD available for £15 each.

The National Occupational Standards for Management and Leadership


Mapping of the 2004 Management and Leadership Standards to the 2008 Management and Leadership Standards

A mapping document can be downloaded from this page detailing the changes made to the 2004 standards and the relationship between the 2004 standards and the 2008 standards. The document also details the new units introduced into the 2008 suite of standards.

For further information on how the standards may be used please contact a member of the MSC team on 020 7240 2826 or management.standards@managers.org.uk.

Breakdown of NOS units by role

A number of the NOS units are expected to be equally useful at all management levels, whilst other units are likely to be most useful to managers at a specific level of responsibility.

A matrix showing how each unit applies to four typical levels of management responsibility is available to be downloaded from this page, along with the units grouped by level of managerial responsibility. It should, however, be noted that the majority of managers have 'spiky profiles', where their full range of responsibilities falls under more than one typical managerial level.

The matrix can be used as a general guide to the units, although users of the NOS should assess their individual role profile (which can be undertaken with the help of the standards) in order to determine which units will be most relevant to their existing and future responsibilities.

Credit and Levelling the 2008 NOS for the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework

In 2009 the full suite of Management and Leadership NOS were given credit ratings and levels using the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework Guidance. This allows the standards to be used in qualifications sitting on the Scottish Framework. Please note, the levels attached to each unit do NOT relate to the levels used in England and Wales.

The credit and levels attached to each unit can be viewed by downloading the relevant attachment on the right of this web page.