Current Projects

Equipping UK Managers and Leaders to compete with the Best in the World

The Management Standards Centre is involved in a range of projects designed to inform policy and research to help raise management and leadership skills across the UK.          

In particular the partnership work between MSC and SkillsActive is intended to make a major contribution to the reform of Vocational Programmes initiated by SSDS and taken on by its successor organisation, UKCES. The Sector Qualifications Reform Programme (SQRP) is one part of a broad reaching initiative to radically change the landscape of vocational qualifications in the UK. 

As part of this Programme MSC and SkillsActive aim to ensure that Management and Leadership qualifications and other learning programmes available across the UK are more effective in equipping people with the skills that employers demand. This will contribute significantly to the UK's business productivity, by ensuring that employers are able to make the most of the skills of their employees.

The parties have also jointly been developing a high impact Management and Leadership strategy for implementation by the Skills Alliance (formerly the Skills for Business Network), covering all sectors of the economy through the 25 Sector Skills Councils.