Current Team Leading & Management Framework (England and Wales)

The latest Apprenticeship Framework is version 5f. This version was approved on 01 November 2008, and should be the framework used for all learners registered after 01 November 2008.

The Framework can be downloaded from this page, along with the LSC Funding Annex, which now exists as a separate sheet, not in the Framework itself.

Apprenticeships in Team Leading and Management offer learners a number of benefits, including:

(1) A systematic approach to training;

(2) A framework that is monitored and controlled;

(3) Qualifications that are recognised and valued by employers;

(4) Better planning, both for the candidate’s development and that of the organisation who employs them. 

For further information on the Framework or Team Leading and Management Apprenticeships please e-mail or telephone 01536 207485

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