How do you define Management and Leadership?

The Key Purpose of Management and Leadership is to... provide direction, gain commitment, facilitate change and achieve results through the efficient, creative and responsible deployment of people and other resources.

Why don’t the units of competence have elements?  
During the review of the standards it became clear that many users of the standards felt that the multiple elements led to too much duplication both within and across units. The removal of elements reduces the unit to a more manageable size and reduces the problem of duplication.  
Why don’t the units of competence contain assessment guidance and evidence requirements?  
Standards are not just used for qualifications. The inclusion of evidence requirements had in the past deterred some people from using the standards. A decision was taken nationally that the development of evidence requirements and assessment guidance would sit outside the standards and responsibility for their development would sit with the awarding bodies. The current management awarding bodies are working in partnership with the MSC to develop both the evidence requirements and the assessment guidance.  
When will awards based on the nine new standards be available?  
The awards currently available are based on the 2004 suite of standards. The MSC has agreed with the relevant awarding bodies, regulatory authorities and other key stakeholders that the nine new standards will be optional units in the current suite of S/NVQs. It is likely that the nine new standards will be available as optional units by autumn 2007.
What has happened to the Quality, Energy and Environmental management standards?  
During the course of the review of the standards it became clear that these units were too specialised for use by most managers. Where appropriate the areas covered by these units have been embedded into the new standards at unit level. The MSC is currently in discussion with key stakeholders to find a more appropriate home for the specialised suites of standards. For example, Lantra have now taken on ownership of the Environmental management standards. 
I wish to reproduce the standards, what is the copyright position?  
The standards can be reproduced free of charge for educational purposes as long as commercial benefit is not intended or derived. For example if you wish to use the standards within your organisations for training materials you are free to do so. However, if you are using the standards in a product which you intend to sell on to a third party you will need to obtain a license to do so from the MSC.