About Us

Eight Years and Still Going Strong!

Our History

Standard setting for Management and Leadership was originally the responsibility of the Management Charter Initiative, who later became part of the Management Enterprise Training Organisation METO. METO was de-recognised by the Department for Education and Skills (DfES) in March 2000.

However, the DfES recognised the continued need for public access to standards and associated products whilst they decided the long term future of the Management and Leadership standards.

The Chartered Management Institute was contracted to host an operationally independent caretaking team for the standards and the MSC came into existence in May 2000. 

What we do Now

Our major current activities are as follows:

  • Guardians and promoters of the management and leadership NOS.
  • Manage and certificate the Management Apprenticeship programmes.
  • Provide secretariat to the Management and Leadership Qualifications Forum.
  • Work in partnership with SkillsActive to champion M&L across the SfBN.
  • Publicise and promote the Management and Leadership Learning and Qualifications Strategy.

Plans for the Future

Management and Leadership skills are crucial to the prosperity of the UK economy. The MSC will continue to work with partners to raise the skills of managers and leaders to ensure the UK can compete with the best in the World.